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  • Class 3
  • Soundproofing 38dB (optional)Pagine-da-Catalogo-Neko-2
  • Internal insulation with mineral fibers
  • External lock cylinder
  • Defender
  • Closing system with a Click
  • Shutter in galvanized metal sheet 10/10
  • Three rostrums on the hinge side
  • Two latches with a rotating pivot
  • Door hidden hinge
  • Movable threshold
  • Hanldes
  • Panels of thickness 4mm
  • Frame in metal sheet 20/10 in antique brown marble color
  • Three vertical reinforcements with metal sheet 10/10

Discover all the features of the Neko series.

Series Neko

The new concept of the Neko protection stems from the need to offer a security system that has the same effect as a real security door together with the elegance and style of a an interior doors.
Our continuous innovation in the world of security gives us the technological Neko door. To meet the need for protection in every room of our house. Neko comes in four different models:

  • Neko Privacy: it does not have external lock cylinder and it is conceived for interiors;Pagine-da-Catalogo-Neko
  • Neko Secure: it has external lock cylinder and Defender and it can be also an entrance door;
  • Neko Glass: it has external lock cylinder and Defender;
  • Neko Plus: available of insulation, movable threshold and door hidden hinge.

Product certifications

We of Alba Doors believe strongly in quality and in product certifications. For this reason we establish ambitious objectives for Neko. Despite its small size, the security door Neko Nonostante le sue ridotte dimensioni, la porta blindata Neko can boast a CLASS 3 burglar resistance. Moreover a soundproofing of 38dB (Neko Plus).

fonoassorbenza neko_Pagina_1 38dB


The security door for interiors Neko is has been realised thinking of the security and of the tranquility in your house.

product certifications:

Burglar resistance “Class 3” (UNI ENV 1627/30)
Soundproofing “38 dB” Neko Plus (UNI EN ISO 10077/1 – UNI EN ISO 140-3)


Customization and optional


The door Neko allows a several number of personalizations of the design to meet the taste of each customer. Beyond the possibility to choose the thickness of the panel to be used: 4 mm with sheet exposed, 9 mm or 14 mm; it has a wide range of panels.
The panels can have drawings and finishes both of interior doors and the classic armored doors, but you can choose also PANELS IN ART of 9 mm thick: Armonia, Guardiano della torre, Momenti musicali, Red music and Totò Charlot discover them by clicking here.

News in the field of security doors: Alba allows you to print your own photographs on NEKO doors. Your pictures are art and creativity, the moments that are enclosed in the photos become new and exclusive combinations Alba only creates for you.
Our offices are available for more information on design and finishes for Neko.


The Neko door gives you security with a simple click. The “Closing System Click” can be applied on all Neko models. Raising up the internal door handle, the mechanism activate the steel bolts of the lock. These bolts are positioned inside the frame. From the outside it will be locked and double-locked, but lowering the internal door handle you will open it in a simple and fast way.

For the Secure, Glass and Plus versions, Neko offers the possibility to add the half-cylinder. The safety mechanism ensures the inaccessibility of the lock from the outside, allowing in the meantime the opening via the keys provided. The Neko doors are provided with a European cylinder and protected by a Defender.
The finishes of the handles are:

  • Bronze
  • Satin
  • Brass

The external finishes of the door Neko can be decorated with wooden intradoses, matched with the colors of the panels chosen.

The door visible hinge is  supplied as standard on the modelsvPrivacy, Secure, and Glass.vThis type of hinge has double adjustment.
The door hidden hinge is supplied as standard on Neko Plus model. This hinge has three adjustments and it is the ideal solution for modern spaces.

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