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65TT Cor-ten system

Originally used in restoration works, Cor-ten steel is nowadays appreciated in different settings, thanks to its “natural” beauty which does not require any surface finishes.
Mogs 65 TT Cor-Ten is an extreme refined stylistic choice, which marries the beauty of Cor-Ten and the elegance of the profile (only 18 mm on view).
And all this with maximum performance: extraordinary thermal and acoustic insulation, resistance and security against breaking-ins, thanks to the thickness of the steel sheet.

THE Cor-Ten

The great success of Cor-Ten steel is due, no doubt, to its ability to “protect itself”. This metal, in fact, during the oxidation process, is coated with a patina composed of:

  • a porous outer layer;
  • an inner layer, very thin, rich in copper, chromium and phosphorus which is amorphous and impermeable.

This coating, in normal environmental conditions, is formed in about 18-36 months and its color could change from an initial orange to a reddish-brown color. It is what is commonly called “rust” but that for Cor-Ten, due to its chromatic characteristics (together with the functional ones), is protective and lends itself to the most varied design solutions. Not only that: if this patina is scratched, the oxidation process starts again to build a new protection. This is why Cor-Ten is a material that “lives and protects itself”.

Steel systems

Mogs steel systems are designed and produced to guarantee the highest level of insulation, burglar resistance, resistance and durability.
Characterized by a wide range of materials and solutions, even in the thermal break version, stand out for their minimalist aesthetics represents the distinctive value of the doors and windows made with Mogs.
Mogs 65 TT systems, in its different versions, it is the only thermal break profile on the market of 2 mm of effective thickness.

System features

  • Tubolar of 18 mm, the most contained in the category;
  • Profiles thickness of 2 mm (20/10) of stell Cor-Ten, the great in the category;
  • Sealing system with seals in EPDM in double swing;
  • External coplanar aesthetic and internal overlap;
  • Depth suitable with high performance insulating glasses and wide thickness;
  • Optional kit for intermediate sealing;
  • Thermal break with high density innovative polyurethane;
  • Closed profiles welded with continuous laser, high mechanical performances;
  • Wide range of glass-stop profiles, angular aesthetic ā€œLā€-shaped;
  • Surface finish with quirk coat of Cor-Ten oxidation;
  • Wide range of dedicated accessories, with visible or hidden hinges;
  • Type of openings: swing shutter, transom window, hang out, flap-shutter, pivot hinged, hinged opening;
  • Great depth for high moments of inertia.

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