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The FerroFinestra W40

Mogs FerroFinestra, in the W40 version, is a complete system of thick steel profiles guaranteeing maximum resistance. This makes possible to create huge mirrors with very thin frames. The only company on the market to have introduced the original production of hot rolling, in a modern key the historical design of the Twentieth Century in new and multiple types of opening: swing shutter both internal and external, flap-shutter, vertical and horizontal pivot hinge or with hinged opening folding systems.

FerroFinestra system

Ideal for  an authentic conservative restoration, and fascinating in new buildings, FerroFinestra series brings back to life the style that, with its clean and elegant lines, made the architecture of all Europe fall in love. And not through a simple reinterpretation, but with the same original production, only refined and evolved thanks to the application of the most modern technologies.
Excellent values of thermal insulation, profundity of the profile suitable for housing low-emission insulated glazing, in different types of opening.


System features

  • Hot rolled steel in high precision production lines;
  • Monolothic profiles with thickness from 3 to 5 mm;
  • Aestethic with double overlap;
  • Sealing system with seal in double swing;
  • Depth suitable with high performance insulating glasses;
  • Wide range of glass-stop with different aesthetics;
  • Wide range of accessories realized on the basis of the original design of the early 1990s;
  • Wide range of accessories with contemporary design;
  • Suitable with flap-shutter hidden hardware for series W40;
  • Available openings: swing shutter, transom window, hang out, pivot hinge, hinged opening, sliding;
  • Superficial finishing in RAL painting or customizable, for an extreme planning liberty;
  • Superficial finishing “natural steel”, for industrial effects in the windows for internal partitions.

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