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Porta blindata Vetere con pannello interno liscio bianco


Alba guarantees for all its products, an extreme quality in materials and processes, a high level of service and assistance, bringing the best products on the market to your home.
Armored door Vetere, thanks to its low price, allows you to protect your home without giving up high performance and completely Made in Italy product.
In fact, Vetere is designed to make an armored door accessible but also resistant to break-in attempts and certified in “Class 3”.

Data Sheets

Anchor Points 12
Steel frame 20/10 in antique brown marble color
Leaf with galvanized steel sheet 10/10
Internal sound insulation (optional)
Three vertical supports with omega steel sheets 10/10
Three rostrum on hinged side
Two deadbolts at 1 pivoting lockbolt
Double key-turn lock with 4 latches
European cylinder with five sealed property keys and one spare key
Cylinder protection
Wide-angle peephole
Door opening limiter (optional)
Weatherstrip bar
Hinges adjustable on two sides
Dark brown hinge covers
Standard aluminum bronze/polished brass handle kit
Double dark brown protective Side-Door carter


Vetere’s performance:

  • Marking CE (Directive 89/106/CEE standard EN14351-1)
  • Burglar resistance: Class 3
  • Acoustic insulation: 37 dB (optional)
  • Thermal insulation: 1.93 W/m²K (standard)
  • Air permeability: Class 2
  • Resistance to wind load: Class C4

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