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Porta blindata filo muro_con Boiserie


Invisible armored doors, also called Filomuro, are characterized by the complete absence of jambs and frames: hinges and gaskets are invisible, the wall is continuous and the door merges into it.
Filomuro line can create a unique atmosphere in the rooms without sacrificing safety: it is possible, by choosing a rough panel to be painted, it’s possible
to hide completely the door in the wall; it’s also possible to apply on the wall the same panels chosen for the door to get continuity between the surface.

Data Sheets

Invisible Hinge;
• Anchor Points: 17;
• Antique brown marble steel frame 20/10;
• Leaf with galvanized double sheet 10/10;
• Internal sound insulation;
• Three vertical reinforcements with omega sheets 10/10;
• Three dog bolts on the hinged side;
• Two Mottura 3-lockbolt diverters;
• Double lock with four bolts plus spring latch;
• European Cylinder with five sealed keys plus one key for fitters;
• Anti-drill Defender system;
• Wide-angle peephole;
• Door opening limiter;
• Draught-proofing bar;
• Adjustable two-sided hinges;
• Dark brown hinge caps;
• Standard polished brass handle;
• Satin-Steel Protective Casing;
• Internal board protection with wooden frames.

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