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Lacquered door

Technical data

Lacquered finishing make raw material very bright and it is available in many colors from the RAL colors chart.
It is composed of a wood fiber panel painted with polyurethane coatings. Lacquering can be matt, glossy or metallic and covers
the entire surface.

Doors are panneled with a total thickenss of 44,4 mm, framed in fir wood. Doors are filled with preforated honeycomb filler (it is possible to customize the panneled doors according to quantities) and plated with pantographed and lacquered MDF panels of thickness 8 mm. They are finally edged with laminate or ABS in the same finish.

Frames are made of fir wood with a HDF perimeter, in waterproof material if thickness 3 mm. They are completed with finishing frames made with Folding system.

Types of doors

Lacquered doors, in addition to, are available also in the following versions:

  • Plus, classic style, able to furnish with refined taste and the right balance between past and present;
  • Duplex, enhance the thickness and quality of wood thanks to the classic pantographed style sculpts the door creating two
  • Quadra, have a modern style thanks to the square, flat, elegant linear
  • Incisa, minimal style, enriched by the aesthetics without weighing it down, creating a refined and subtle play of lights and shadows.

Special openings

Alba gives its customers the possibility to choose, in addition to the classic hinged door, a large number of solutions:

  • Hidden hinges opening;
  • Double acting opening;
  • Folding 1/2 – 1/2 opening;
  • Folding 1/3 – 2/3 opening;
  • Trapezium opening;
  • Flush wall door;
  • Pocket sliding;
  • External sliding;

Each type of openings can be made both in single or double leaf.

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