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Porta blindata Bilico


Bilico armored door has a minimal and elegant look, compatible with any locations, in a countryside villa or downtown penthouse, with a classic or modern taste.
Bilico is designed with a strong internal structure, in compliance with Class 4 anti-intrusion requirements; Subframe hosts the space for the rotating hinge, in order to ease the installation of the product. Door is equipped with electrical unlocking and watertight threshold, to allow the best comfort while home.

Data Sheets

• Pivoting hinges adjustable on three axes;
• Doorleaf made of two galvanized steel sheets 20/10 thick;
• Internal filling thermal-acoustic insulation;
• Double lateral deadbolts: 2 on the lock side and 3 on the hinges side;
• Internal and external finishing panel 10 mm thick;
• Subframe galvanized steel 30/10 with 12 anchors to the wall and the bottom side hosts the rotating hinge;
• Frame made with 20/10 galvanized steel sheets, painted opaque black RAL 9005;
• Security locking system with core with European cylinder with 1 master key + 5 keys with card equipped with manganese cover;
• Upper and lower weatherstrip bar and watertight threshold.


Bilico’s performance:

  • Burglar resistance: Class 4
  • Acoustic insulation: 38 dB 
  • Thermal insulation: 1.50 W/m²K
  • Air permeability: Class 3
  • Resistance to wind load: Class C5
  • Watertightness: Class 4A

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