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Rendering go green

The Penta Group is honored to have been part of a study conducted by a near-graduate in Building Engineering-Architecture Maurizio Di Ferdinando, followed by Prof. Ing. Pierluigi De Berardinis of the University of L’Aquila. The study evaluated the energy renovation of façade systems through the use of green in our industrial warehouses. The following step of the thesis: “Green roofs and plant façades today the new frontier of the relationship between nature and architecture, in which the technique has given operational concreteness. The vegetal element becomes a component of the project, able to shade the sun or to mitigate the temperature of the environment according to its location. The vegetation contributes to the quality of the structure, focusing on sustainability principles.”


The isertion of green has significant consequences in terms of energy, environmental and micro-climate, not to mention the positive psychological effect that the urban green Rendering go green 1can have. The positive effects may include:

  • The management of the rainwater and the fixing of dust;
  • The reduction in transmission and reflection of sound;
  • The action of the micro-climate mitigation;
  • The increased longevity of waterproofing layers;
  • The absorption of electromagnetic waves;
  • The improvement of thermal insulation of buildings and of the performance of photovoltaic panels;
  • Enhancement of biodiversity and increase in value of the buildings;
  • Shading of the sun radiations.

The Penta Group compliments to the neo engineer who graduated with honors!