Documentazione tecnica

The armored door is a key element of the home and must maintain all its functional and aesthetic qualities over time.
In addition to the burglar resistance, this is the main feature of this product, it has an aesthetically appearance in keeping with the environment. Nowadays, an armored door also requires specific performance in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation as a function of energy saving and weather tightness. 


The choice of the armored door should therefore be weighted by evaluating all the performance characteristics:

  1. Burglar resistance. It is measured according to the European Standard ENV 1627, which assigns to the door a class with a value that increases with increased resistance. Classes for residential use are 2, 3 and 4. Class 2 is for low-risk homes. Class 3 for apartments or homes with an average risk, while those who want an even higher degree of protection may choose class 4;
  2. Acoustic insulation. The comfort of our home is also assessed by the isolation from external noise. Rigorous tests at recognized laboratories measure the capacity of the door to break the noise: higher values ​​provide higher comfort;
  3. Thermal insulation. Thermal insulation measures the heat dispersion that occurs through the door. Its value is expressed by “U”. This indirectly indicates the capability of thermally isolating the interior from the outside, resulting in energy savings. Lower values ​​of “U” correspond to better insulation. The thermal transmittance value is also a precondition for law in new buildings and in some renovation work; 
  4. Wheater tightness. If your door is outdoors, you can use a kit to improve its air, water, and wind tightness. This kit, to be chosen during purchase in conjunction with a weatherproof panel. In addition to the particular work of the door, a threshold and a special seal are used. Also in this case, specific lab tests guarantee performance;


CE Marking.  Since 1 February 2010, the law provides that all external doors comply with CE directives and are marked as such. This marking obliges the manufacturer to subject the artefacts to severe tests at recognized laboratories. CE marking is an important achievement for consumer protection, which is assured that the products meet the requirements of the directive.


All Alba Doors doors are customizable. On the inside, to match the decor of the house, and on the outside, to adapt to the architectural context. Modern and classic wood and lacquered finishes are available, customizable in decor, in color or through inserts in different materials, to meet any aesthetic needs.