Documentazione tecnica

windows binario

The excellent technical characteristics for acoustic and thermal insulation make the Windows Alba the perfect choice for today’s standards. Their appearance makes the most comfortable and elegant.

In this realisations it has been chosen the wondow Binario. Window with leaf of thickness 58x88mm with flat profile. It is released both in solid wood and in laminated wood, the shutters Binario are fixed on the frame 59x70mm and finished with internal architrave 50x10mm.
The profiles juction between leaf and frame is of 45° with steel tie-rod, brass threaded insert and glued beech thorns. The hinges are Anuba double leg of 14mm same finish of the handles: Brass, Satin, Bronze.
The drip sill is inserted in the lower part of the window by means of two or more discharge loop, in the French windows this is a thermal break alluminium low thickness of 28mm.