Documentazione tecnica


The Savini Group with the cooperation of Alba Doors , realised doors and windows in a school of L’Aquila.

Window Nuvola in Wood-Alluminium version, it can be decorated with lacquering wooden effect.

The outer covering in alluminium is releases with thickness profiles of:

  1. 75x16mm for frame
  2. 46x20mm for shutter
  3. 96x10mm for central hub
  4. 130x10mm for base of the French window.

The alluminium profile of the upper/lateral hub of the frame is available, depending on the subframe used, in the sizes 75x16mm / 55x16mm / 45x16mm.

The lock off of the frames takes place via spacer clips screwed on the wood. This structure allows the split between the wood and the alluminium, thus creating a cavity of few millimeters which allows the elimination of the internal condensation.


Certifications and certified documents of conformity in accordance with:
Impact resistance from soft and hard body (UNI EN 13049) = CLASSE 5
Air permeability (EN 1026 / UNI EN 12207) = 4
Water tightness (EN 1027 / UNI EN 12208) = 5A
Wind resistance (EN 12211 / UNI EN 12210) = C2


The security door Urano was built thinking about the security and tranquility of your home. For this reason Urano boasts both the certifiactions against the break-in attempts in CLASS 3, both the 40dB of acoustic insulation with the ISO EN 140-3.